Why You Should Have Water In Your Garden

Having water in your garden is important for many reasons – and not just the obvious one of being able to water your plants! A water feature provides a source of relaxation and a haven for wildlife of all sorts. Even something as simple as a Bird Bath will bring birds and other wildlife into your outdoor living space making it a much more pleasant and interesting place to be. Choosing Your Water Feature Before choosing whether to have a pond, a water feature or just a simple Bird Bath and watering spots for wildlife you should think carefully about …

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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Making the most of your outdoor space requires a clear vision of what you want to do with it. Work out what you would like to do, if possible, or what you are willing to spend time on doing. Is it a place where you want to lounge on a chair, have a party, or grow some vegetables? Once you know what you want to do with it, then it becomes easier to come up with ideas for decorating, planting, or landscaping. Outdoor Spaces Outdoor space a great place to spend time with friends and family during the summer – …

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shade in the garden

Shade In The Garden

Shade in the garden is just as important as light – for both people and plants. Summer sunshine is wonderful but we all need protection from too much of a good thing.  There are many ways to achieve this – some temporary, some more permanent, but whatever your garden space is like there are a number of solutions. Parasols Parasols are a quick and easy way to have fairly mobile shade, though larger heavier ones require a heavy base which might not be so easy to move. You can choose the colour to match your garden planting or your outdoor …

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Setting Up a Garden Cafe

Meeting outdoors is still  going to be the norm for quite a while as we slowly emerge from Lockdown. If all goes according to plan we will be able to meet up with one other household or up to 6 people outdoors from the 29th March but will still be weeks away from being able to meet up indoors.  We have all missed social gatherings with friends and family and want to make the most of getting together as soon as we can so how about turning your garden into an outdoor ‘meet up’ venue.  It doesn’t take much effort …

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Garden Wall Art – An Easy Garden Feature

Garden Wall Art is something that has been around for longer than we think but it has really come into its own now we are all spending a lot more time at home and in our gardens – when the weather permits. During the winter months, unless you have planned and planted otherwise, the garden can be a little bare and uninteresting.  Using garden wall art can solve that and give new areas of focus to your garden – and it doesn’t have to go on a wall!  Any vertical surface will do to display your choice, fence, wall, shed, …

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Creating Your Outdoor Space

Creating your outdoor living space is something that requires thought and planning if you want it to work properly for you and your family.  Most of it is common sense with a little out of the box thinking applied. Whilst just letting it happen has it’s attractions and advantages, you will probably get more out of it if you do a small amount of thinking and planning ahead. We have put together a short checklist of the most important things to consider to make sure you can get the most of extending your living space into your garden. 1 – …

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BBQ Sauce

Best BBQ Sauce Ever

A good BBQ Sauce is the make or break for any BBQ and recipes are closely guarded secrets.  BBQ season is in full swing now so given times are difficult we are going to do the neighbourly thing and share the recipe for our Best BBQ Sauce Ever.   This is ideal for a marinade, or as a sauce on the side, you can even use it in the oven to give your dishes a bit of extra sparkle, just remember to baste often. It freezes well so you can make a big batch and have it to hand when you …

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Planters – Make Yours Stand Out

Planters are the jewels that can make your garden sparkle.  You can move them around, highlight special spots or make a feature of them – and so much more.  Spending a little time and thought on them can bring your garden alive all year round without too much effort. Planning Your Planter Whilst planters can be moved around the garden it is wise to have some idea where it is going to be positioned in the main so you can choose plants and a container that will fit the conditions – shade loving plants in full sun are not going …

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Making The Most Of Your Garden

Making the most of your garden whilst we are living under such strange conditions is incredibly important for your wellbeing, both mental and physical.  We have all been told by the Government that we can take one period of outdoor exercise for general wellbeing be it Running, Walking or Cycling, the choice is yours.  But is that enough? There is no doubt about the benefits of spending time outdoors, so if you are lucky enough to have a private space, this is the time to make use of it. What are the best things to do?  Spring is definitely here …

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Blue Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorating

Every year as Christmas rolls around there are new trends in decorating your home to make it ready for the celebrations.  Every family has its own traditions which should always take pride of place and sit at the heart of your theme but it is fun to ring the changes and see what the trends are. The traditional Christmas colours of red, green and gold will always be there – and they are easy to match up as old favourites need replacing, and this year is no different.  What is evident this year is a real return to more natural …

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