Garden Furniture – What to Consider When Buying

Garden furniture is an important purchase, it affects so many aspects of our leisure time that it deserves careful consideration. Our gardens should be haven for relaxation and the pleasure we can get from creating a beautiful and productive space – not to mention the associated health benefits.

Things to think about include:-

The Size of Your Garden or Patio

You need to make sure that the furniture you choose will fit comfortably in your outdoor space. Buying a set that is too big or too small will only end in frustration. If you have a smaller garden, you think about smaller pieces of furniture, such as bistro sets or folding chairs. If you have a larger garden, you might want to think about dining sets, sofas, and sun loungers.

How You Use Your Furniture

Think about what you want to get out of garden furniture – is it for simple relaxation and downtime in the garden, or do you want to entertain family and friends. A lovely hanging chair is ideal for curling up and relaxing but not very sociable if you have friends round for a BBQ. Above all it should be comfortable and supportive.

The Style of Your Garden.

You want to make sure that the furniture you fits the style of your garden. If you have a modern garden with clean, defined lines, you may want to choose contemporary furniture. If your garden is more traditional, you may want to choose furniture made from natural materials, such as wood or rattan.

What Materials to Choose

The materials your furniture is made of needs to be given careful thought. Some materials, such as metal and plastic, are more durable than others. Wood and natural rattan may not be so long lasting. You also need to consider how easy the furniture is to care for. How easy is it to clean? Does it need to be covered against bad weather. Does it need to be stored under cover during the winter?

Soft Furnishings

Does your chosen furniture come with soft furnishings or will you need to buy those separately? If it does come with cushions etc, how weatherproof are they? Remember Sun can fade fabrics so don’t just think about how they will deal with showers.

Your Budget

Garden furniture can vary widely in price. Generally speaking it is always better to spend a little more and buy it once so you should look at what kind of life expectancy it has. Does it need to stand up to the rough and tumble of a growing family? Better quality furniture is generally easier to maintain and has proper fitted covers available that will extend its life.

Local Weather Conditions

If you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to choose furniture that is weatherproof. There are many outdoor furniture sets available that are made from materials that can withstand rain well – you should also check if soft furnishings are showerproof.


Think about what you will do with your garden furniture during the months you are not able to be out in the garden. Can it be left out or do you need to have covers, or even store it under cover.


Most reputable furniture manufacturers offer warranties on their products. Check out the details and make sure you are happy with the guarantees offered. Furniture that does not carry a decent warranty is generally unlikely to last and may not be a good value as you think.

Talk To Your Retailer

Once you have considered all the factors that affect you, take some time to talk to your retailer whether you are buying online or in person. A specialist in garden furniture will always be happy to spend time with you either in their shop or on the phone to make sure you are truly happy with your purchase. If you have any questions or would like to know more please feel free to get in touch via our contact page or call Sarah on 01386 833630

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