Blue Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorating

Every year as Christmas rolls around there are new trends in decorating your home to make it ready for the celebrations.  Every family has its own traditions which should always take pride of place and sit at the heart of your theme but it is fun to ring the changes and see what the trends are.

The traditional Christmas colours of red, green and gold will always be there – and they are easy to match up as old favourites need replacing, and this year is no different.  What is evident this year is a real return to more natural decorations using anything but plastic – and preferably recycled or repurposed. Texture is undoubtedly important as well – think lovely barks, twisted ropes, wood and foliage.  

The odd ball is the trending colour which this year is definitely blue – all shades of it – along with silver. From deep midnight blues and purples through to shades of cerulean and aquamarine, the brighter colours as accents.  Silver and white go well with this and should make for some striking trees and decor.  

Lights are a big part of any decorative theme – and especially your tree – this year they are much warmer, rather than the icy whites of the last few years.  That goes particularly well with the richer blues giving them a subtle glow. Clusters of baubles with lights bouncing off them are very effective. Feature lights will add a special touch to any room

Branches, twists of ivy, pine cones and dried fruits are the best way to go for tables and room decor.  If you want to be really on trend this year then your place settings should be natural slices of wood cut across the tree trunk – an aromatic wood would be extra special.  As the warm plates sit on the wood the natural oils will be released adding a natural scent to your home.  

Simple stars are always a perfect finishing touch, they fit in with any decor without being fussy.  Mounted on the wall or nestled in a bowl filled with pinecones to add a little sparkle they are the perfect finishing touch.

The key trend though is simplicity – not overdoing it – a few beautiful items will go far to give you the perfect Christmas decor.

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