Garden Wall Art – An Easy Garden Feature

Garden Wall Art is something that has been around for longer than we think but it has really come into its own now we are all spending a lot more time at home and in our gardens – when the weather permits.

During the winter months, unless you have planned and planted otherwise, the garden can be a little bare and uninteresting.  Using garden wall art can solve that and give new areas of focus to your garden – and it doesn’t have to go on a wall!  Any vertical surface will do to display your choice, fence, wall, shed, pergola support – anything will do as long as you can attach suitable fixing if they are necessary.

The simple addition of a point of interest can draw your eye through the garden, making you see it differently.  A bare wall or utilitarian fence can become a thing of joy – you could even make it into a mini gallery if you like a particular style of work.  

An outdoor weather station is a perennial favourite, ‘rusty’ metal plaques can be used to create a real focus – try a Bee Honeycomb accompanied by a few Bees to turn a boring shed wall into something far more interesting – and underplant with flowering shrubs, bulbs or perennials to create a scene that will look good all year round, especially if you find a couple of winter flowering plants to go in amongst the mix.

Trees make wonderful focal points in gardens – but not all are big enough so you could try using some more woodland related plaques – even bring some wildlife into the garden with stags or other favourite animals. You could always add a Greenman  to watch over them – painting a little plain yoghurt on stoneware encourages lichen and moss to grow on them for a different look.

If domestic animals are more your choice how about a bit of fun by having a cat peering through a window at the birds… and there is nothing wrong with having some wall mounted bird feeders around, that way you get to watch the beautiful birds as well as look at the lovely feeders.

There are so many choices of Garden Wall Art that you can combine together, create plantings to enhance, easily making a feature of an area of your garden – give it a try!

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