Preparing Your Outdoor Living Space For Summer

Preparing your outdoor living space for summer is time well spent, it will pay dividends through the summer and into the autumn. It’s not a difficult task, you can divide it into three main activities:-

  • sorting out your garden furniture
  • providing heat, light and shade
  • tidying the space itself

Garden Furniture

Check over your garden furniture to see if it is still fit for use. You may need to give it a good clean, depending on how it has been stored. Once it has been cleaned (if you have Hartman furniture click here for how to clean and maintain it) check it over to see if any repairs are needed. Your requirements may have changed since last Summer, we have all had to adapt our way of living over the last couple of years so make sure you have what you need. If you need to add or replace anything it is a good idea to think about it early in the season as stocks are more limited than they were.

Depending on your needs and budget you may want to think about soft furnishing as well as basic seating and/or dining options tables. It is a good idea to try and make sure that as much as possible is weatherproof – we all know the weather is not always as friendly as it might be. Cushions, blankets and even outdoor rugs are reasonably priced and make your space much more comfortable.

If you have a BBQ it is a good idea to check that over as well. Is it in working order? Do you have appropriate fuel? Are your BBQ tools in good condition?

Heat, Light and Shade

Both shade and heat are important in making sure your outdoor space is comfortable. Heat in the form of a firepit, specialised heater or dual purpose BBQ will extend the time you can spend outdoors in the evening in both spring and late summer/autumn so is well worth considering.

Shade is also important – getting sunburnt is no fun, especially for children. It can spoil the summer. Check over your parasols to make sure they are stable on their base and that they are the right size for your needs. If a parasol doesn’t fit your needs, Sails can be very flexible – and economical. they are easy to fix and will help shade awkwardly shaped spaces. For something more permanent a pergola might fit the bill. It is worth spending time thinking about how you will use your space before deciding on the type of shade you need.

Lighting is important if you want to spend long evenings outdoors. Solar lights are easy to place exactly where you want then and can be very decorative. If you want a bright light it might be better to go for a mains option but think about the wires so they don’t form a trip hazard.

The Garden Space

Key to enjoying your time outdoors is the actual space. You want it to be comfortable, easy to look after and fit for purpose. If you are a keen gardener you will have different views to someone who is not so green fingered but either way you can make a lovely space. You can make use of flowers, plants, and other natural materials to create an inviting and enjoyable space.

A few hours spent weeding, cutting back and planting will give you something that is lovely to look at and meets your needs. Plants which attract wildlife, smell good, are useful, that you can eat – the choice is yours. A pots with salad leaves or herbs close to the BBQ is handy, how about tumbling cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket – they look good and taste good too. If gardening is not your greatest pleasure go for things that easy to maintain and don’t require much attention. Think about how the area will be used as well before making your choice – delicate plants don’t really want to be in high traffic areas as they may be damaged.

Don’t forget simple garden decorations and wall art – they can make all the difference to how your garden looks and feels.

A little thought and preparation will give you a lovely outdoor space that is easy to maintain and a pleasure to be in throughout the Summer and into the autumn.

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