720 Warm White Multifunction Jack Frost Icicles LED


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A twist on the traditional snowing icicle lights our 720 Warm White Multifunction Jack Frost Icicles from Noma include a weighted clear ‘icicle’ for added effect. Gutter hooks are included for a straight-forward installation.

With Natural Snowing effects, twinkling or static.

Easy timer allows you to set your lights to come on for the same 8 hours each day, simply press the button when you want them to come on and they will stay on for 8 hours. They will come on at the same time every day until you reset them!

Suitable to be used outdoors as well as in!

Useful facts

  • 720 Warm White LED lights of which 144 are Icicles
  • Noma Easy Timer
  • Multifunction – including Static
  • White Cable
  • Low Voltage
  • Lighting Length – 15.4m
  • Cable Length – 5m
  • Gutter Hooks included
  • Suitable for In or Outdoors
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