Kadai Recycled Fire Bowl Kit 80cm


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Kadai Cooking Tripod / 95cm to fit 70-80cm

Kadai Swing Grill to fit 80cm Fire Bowl

The 80cm Recycled Kadais are designed and built by skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan, following the design of Rajasthan Original Kadai, which are up to 100 years old.

These beautiful yet very functional barbecue fire bowls are handmade from recycled oil drums by family workshops in India. Hand cut metal plates are riveted in the traditional way for strength and durability, featuring the same drop handles as the Original Kadais.

The 80cm Recycled Kadai comes complete with a High and Low Stand so you get the best out of your Kadai. The High Stand offers the perfect height for barbecuing, while the Low Stand is ideal height for relaxing around the fire with friends and loved ones.

All Kadais are complete with 2 stands (a high one and a low one), a grill with a removable centre to allow you to maintain the fire, heat beads, a set of tongs and a wire cleaning brush.

Some home assembling is required for the High Stand – Full instructions are provided.

Also available online in 60cm & 70cm and a great range of accessories to help you great the best from your Kadai all year round!



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Dimensions85 × 85 × 40 cm
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