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With the colder weather just around the corner. Its now even more important to keep some food out for your garden birds.

Decorative Hangers, perfect for hanging bird feeders, wind chimes from.
Decorative Hanger Measurements –
1060-WAGTAIL L21 x H12.5 x W.2cm
1060-ROBIN L20.5 x H13.5 x W.2cm
1060-CRESTED TIT L21 x H12.5 x W.2cm
1060-GREAT TIT L20 x H11 x W.2cm
1057-SQUIRREL L20 x H18 x W.2cm

To Install: The easy part is installing it. If the wood is particularly hard, we’d suggest drilling a hole slightly  smaller than the screw, and then gently screw the hanger into place.

This metal bird will rust naturally over time. They are designed to develop a beautiful rust coloured patina that then seals in the steel providing it with long term protection against the elements.

Check out the bird feeders here.

Crested Tit, Great Tit, Robin, Squirrel, Wagtail, Wrens

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