Kadai Popcorn Maker with Sickle


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Kadai Cooking Bowl 36cm

Popcorn is a popular street food in India, flavoured with butter, sugar, salt and spices. Making popcorn is great fun, but eating it is the best treat. The Popcorn Maker is a metal slotted sieve and a hardwood handled sickle, used with the Kadai Cooking Bowl it makes delicious popcorn, simply use the Sickle to stir the corn in the hot salt. As it cooks, the Popcorn Maker acts as a lid to prevent the popcorn escaping, then as a sieve.

We recommend this product is used with the 36cm Cooking Bowl, to allow it to sit in the Holi Grill

Handmade in mild steel with hand forged steel Sickle
Popcorn Maker: W23 x D19 x H13cm,
Sickle: W10 x D35 x H3cm

Always use a Kadai Glove when handling the hot Cooking Bowl and Popcorn Maker.

Weight2 kg
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