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The fact that trendy and functional can go hand in hand is something Nesling believes in. The Nesling Coolfit shade sails are made of strong HDPE fabric with a UV filter that blocks up to 95% of the damaging UV rays. So it is very functional, but what is perhaps just as important: you are creating an enjoyable and attractive place in your garden will all the protection!

So if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to a parasol or a pergola then the Nesling Shade Sail will be the perfect solution. Available in a selection of colours and sizes to suit most spaces. Check out the list of accessories that are listed and available to make installation go smoothly.



  • Very strong HDPE knotted canopy
  • Can stay outside the whole season (March – September)
  • Up to 95% protection against damaging UV rays
  • Provides coolness during warm weather
  • Simple to clean
  • Mold resistant
  • Simple to install
  • 285gr/m2

With the supplied installation instructions you can easily hang the shade canopy.


Suggested Installation Accessories 

TRIANGLE /2 x Wall and 1 x Pole:2 x Anchor with Eyebolt (N316-3)
90° SHADE SAIL:1 x Eye Bolt with Nut (N316-4) or 1 x Pad Eye (N316-7
2 x Turnbuckle M8 (N316-11)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
1 x Wall and 2 x Pole:1 x Anchor with Welded Eye (N316-3)
2 x Eye Bolt with Nut (N316-4) or 2 x Pad Eye(N316-7)
2 x Turnbuckle M8 (N316-11)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
3 x Wall3 x Anchor with Welded eye (N316-3)
2 x Turnbuckle M10 (N316-1)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
Weight4 kg
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