Nesling 5m Triangle Coolfit Shade Sail Sand by Pacific Lifestyle



The fact that trendy and functional can go hand in hand is something Nesling believes in. The Nesling Coolfit shade sails are made of strong HDPE fabric with a UV filter that blocks up to 95% of the damaging UV rays. So it is very functional, but what is perhaps just as important: you are creating an enjoyable and attractive place in your garden will all the protection!

So if you’re looking for a suitable alternative to a parasol or a pergola then the Nesling Shade Sail will be the perfect solution. Available in a selection of colours and sizes to suit most spaces. Check out the list of accessories that are listed and available to make installation go smoothly.



  • Very strong HDPE knotted canopy
  • Can stay outside the whole season (March – September)
  • Up to 95% protection against damaging UV rays
  • Provides coolness during warm weather
  • Simple to clean
  • Mold resistant
  • Simple to install
  • 285gr/m2

With the supplied installation instructions you can easily hang the shade canopy.


Suggested Installation Accessories 

TRIANGLE /2 x Wall and 1 x Pole:2 x Anchor with Eyebolt (N316-3)
90° SHADE SAIL:1 x Eye Bolt with Nut (N316-4) or 1 x Pad Eye (N316-7
2 x Turnbuckle M8 (N316-11)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
1 x Wall and 2 x Pole:1 x Anchor with Welded Eye (N316-3)
2 x Eye Bolt with Nut (N316-4) or 2 x Pad Eye(N316-7)
2 x Turnbuckle M8 (N316-11)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
3 x Wall3 x Anchor with Welded eye (N316-3)
2 x Turnbuckle M10 (N316-1)
2 x Snap Hook  (N316-2)
1 x Link Chain  (N316-5)
Weight4 kg
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