Noma 480 White | Ice Blue LED Snowing Icicles


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Noma LED Icicle Lights with its Natural Snowing effects with Speed Controller and Memory Easy timer included.

Easy timer allows you to set your lights to come on for the same 8 hours each day, simply press the button when you want them to come on and they will stay on for 8 hours. They will come on at the same time every day until you reset them!

Suitable to be used outdoors as well as in!

Useful facts

The LED components are now made from copper which eliminates the traditional problem of rust within the bulb holder.

    • White/Ice Blue LED’s
    • Snowing function with Speed Controller
    • Energy saving long life bulbs
    • Easy timer
    • 5m Lead Cable
    • First Bulb to last Bulb – 10.2m
    • Indoor or outdoor
Weight1.2 kg

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