Noma 5 Magic Candles with Remote Control







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Noma 5 Magic Candles complete with Remote Control

Create a unique statement in your home or garden with these stunning Noma Magic Christmas Candles lights.
Make your Christmas lighting stand out this coming season with an elegant illusion created by these Noma Magic Candle Lights. These 5 Traditional Magic Christmas Candle Lights, simply attach onto your tree with the nylon thread discreetly attached and  create the impression of magically hovering candles! Complete with a remote control to switch all candles on or off simultaneously. for realistic flickering candles that are certain to create a warm, inviting Christmas ambience for friends and family to enjoy this festive season.


Want to create your perfect winter wonderland in your garden?

This stunning display is IP44 weatherproof rated, so the Magic Christmas Candles can take pride of place hanging from trees or under parasols for a magical wintry scene,


Weight.700 kg
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