Worm Composter

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This worm composter allows you to quickly and easily create compost from organic waste. Place the composter outsides in a sheltered spot. Worms love fruit (non citrus) and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags, egg shells and even torn cardboard, straw and leaves. For further information click here for Assembly Instructions and further information.

Worm compost is a natural and nutritious fertiliser for all plants, while being a playful way for children to learn about worms and the breakdown of organic waste. The worms do not smell, or make any noise.

Wormery Colour: Chestnut Brown

Features and Benefits

  • The worms compost the organic waste, which is a sustainable way to process waste
  • Waste processing like this is an ongoing process. The worms double in number every three months, so there are always enough worms in the composter to ensure the waste is processed into compost
  • Sustainable. Includes root cloth and coconut fibre mat
  • Worms not included
  • Dimensions: H67 x W40.5 x D38.5cm
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