Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre

At Pits Pots and Patios we are deeply committed to outdoor living and enjoying the environment we are fortunate to live in.  Much of the pleasure and beauty of that environment is in the wildlife that shares it with us. Sadly modern living and wildlife often do not always go hand in hand, many of the beautiful wild creatures we love to watch are damaged by other aspects of our lifestyle.

Vale Wildlife Hospital

We have decided to support The Vale Wildlife Hospital and Rehabilitation Centre by donating a percentage of our profits to enable them to continue their wonderful work.

The Vale WIldlife Hospital is based in Beckford, not far from our shop and has become the ‘go to’ resource for local people when they discover injured or sick animals.  They treat over 6,000 animal casualties every year in the hospital which is staffed 24/7. They even have an emergency response team for injured Foxes, Badgers and Deer.  

There is no requirement to call first, you can just turn up with an injured, sick or orphaned animal and they will do their best to help.  If all you need is advice, you just have to call them on 03486882288.

This year so far they have treated over 4,000 casualties with well over 600 animals currently in care.  In 2018 they treated over 6,000 animals of which over 1,000 were hedgehogs.

In short,  they do wonderful work and like many organisations they are always in need of funds so we aim to do our bit to help them out.  If you would like to contribute, help, or find out more, you can visit their website where you will find all the details.

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